Well, That Should Show The RIAA Who's Boss

Sunday, January 08, 2006 8:32 PM

Consumers -- people like you and me -- downloaded almost 20 million songs at the close of 2005. And they did it legally through iTunes and other legitimae online retailers. Good to see that the RIAA is so in touch with reality and their business as they maintain their ridiculous crusade against their own customers. Customers, mind you, who have shown in the last week of 2005 that they have moved beyond the industry's stuck-in-the-past model of business.


Joe The Artist said...

Actually, there is a loophole to all that BS as well. The ruling has been made that its is copyright infringment to allow people to share your files.
However, if all you do is download them from the sharing service, and burn them directly to a CD instead of leaving them on your hard drive, youve done nothing wrong because no one can copy from you.
It is also a safer method as many file sharing services come chock full of virus's. Free and Clear of the RIAA BS.

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